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Our Brands

Great Location

We are located near the beach for anything you need, and even if you don't need anything, don't be afraid and come say hi!

Excellent Eye Care

Our eye doctors practice the fullest scope of optometry with the goal of providing you and your family all friendly, professional, and comprehensive medical eye care.


We like to keep a relaxed atmosphere and make you feel at home. Wanna have some coffee? We love it


I want to give a shout-out to Home Optical Staff, especially Raquel, for her warmth and professionalism. And here is why... My eye doc wrote a prescription with a mistake (I was told it was a typo...). In any case, while I was on my vacation in Miami, I decided to get a frame. Found one which I really liked. It was sitting just perfect on me. So I decided to go ahead and make my purchase. With my insurane I got a fairly good discount. My glasses were prepared within 2 days! and I was able to fly back to Jersey the very next day. But since I had these new prescription glasses, I felt that something was awfully wrong with my vision. So, I went to lenscrafters where the prescription was written. Found out that they made a mistake... And now I was stuck... I am here in Jersey, they are there in Miami. So I called home optical, spoke with Raquel, detailed the situation. And guess what, without questioning me or anything, they said that they would do everything to help me out. I shipped my glasses with USPS and received them back corrected within less than 7 days! At no additional cost! Excellent service! Thank you guys! Stay blessed!

Maya Safar

Best place. The team is super nice , they have great promos and good quality service. I would definitely come back to this place.

Thank you guys!

Mel Sambuceti

Lovely store and awesome people running it.  The woman who helped us was great at finding out information from our insurance, as well as getting questions answered from the obstetrician. 
Their selection of frames was wonderful! Good brands and variety! Thanks ladies!

Janette W

I moved to Miami Beach six years ago. Since I have been a loyal customer of Home O. Raquel handles my account and you could not ask for better customer service. She is knowledgeable, fair and patient! The quality of their product is excellent. Their frames selection leaves nothing to be desired. I highly recommend them!
In six years I have had 7 or 8 pairs of prescription glasses done. When there has been a problem with the prescription it has been solved immediately and to my satisfaction. By the way they also have good specials!

Josefina Garcia

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